We started our boat trips in 1998 and then developed the idea with our newer boat in 2004, below in the gallery are some pictures of Seaprobe Atlantis under construction.

This was a very challenging job for both the naval architects and the boat builders, being the first ever class IV semi-submersible passenger boat in the UK. It gave everyone a considerable challenge to bring it all together.

Considerable thought went into the safety aspects of the boat, the designs were approved by Lloyds and all stability characteristics were veted and approved by the Maritime Coastguard agency.

The whole process was extremely costly and very time-consuming, but we got there eventually. The end result is an incredibly safe, stable and unique sea-going passenger boat.

Take a look at some of the archive press cuttings about our first boat which was launched in 1998.

Everyone thought we were mad when we came up with this idea, we had to get used to people saying "it'll never work" or "there is nothing to see and no one would be interested in going on it". But as is often the case, thousands of people have come on her and have proved the doubters all wrong, to our great relief!

However the limitations of only being able to carry 12 people led to us designing the bigger boat, which we launched in 2004.

Ease of Access

We have tried to make Seaprobe Atlantis as accessible as possible, but there are limitations.
To access below deck and the underwater windows there are stairs.