Q. Will we see seals?

A. Yes, we are all about seal spotting, otter spotting, and sea bird sightings. All the trips include sightings of common seals both in the water and on the rocks. Pups are especially popular (June - July). Grey Seals are seen in the spring and autumn. Kyle is one of the best places for seeing seals in Skye and Lochalsh. We see Seals roughly 99% of the time.However there are some factors outside our control that can affect seal behaviour. One is disturbance by Kayaks and the other is very heavy rainfall. Both of these can make the seals leave the rocks and return to the water.

Q. Will we see Otters?

A. Lochalsh is one of the best places in Skye & Lochalsh for Otter spotting, with many individuals inhabiting the coastline. Hot spots for seeing them are well known to the Seaprobe Atlantis crew, and we will always do our best to get you a sighting of these elusive creatures.We have more than 200 sightings each year. Our average sighting is 1 a day.

Q. Is Seaprobe Atlantis suitable for children?

A. Yes, children love the trips and are always most welcome onboard. There is nothing we like more than to hear the enthusiastic and excited voices of children in the underwater viewing gallery. Seaprobe Atlantis has high guard rails all around keeping your children safe and of course we carry all the statutory safety equipment but you are still encouraged to keep an eye on your children at all times.

Q. Do you offer trips outside of the advertised hours?

A. Yes. Please get in touch if you have an idea for a special cruise, coach party, school trip or office party.

Q. Will I be seasick?

A. Since 1998 we have not had a single person sick on the boat, and we have done many thousands of trips in that time. This is because of a combination of factors: Loch Alsh is a very sheltered location and the boat has a very low centre of gravity, which means you do not feel the motion associated with sea sickness.

Q. Is all the trip underwater?

A. No, Parts of the trip are on deck looking at the scenery, seals, otters and sea birds and part of the trip is underwater. Throughout the trip we tell you when it is best to be upstairs and when best to be downstairs. We make sure that everyone gets the best view of everything we come across throughout the cruise.

Q. Can I get my wheelchair onboard?

A We are able to get wheelchairs down the pontoon ramp and alongside the boat. If you are able to take a few assisted steps to board the boat, the wheelchair can then be carried on board. There is no wheelchair access to the underwater viewing gallery.

Q. Are dogs welcome on board?

A. Dogs are welcome on board but not downstairs in the underwater viewing gallery so you just need to take turns looking after your dog at points of underwater viewing interest.

Q. Is Seaprobe Atlantis safe?

A. The award winning Seaprobe Atlantis is totally unique, custom built, and the only semi-submersible glass-bottom passenger ship in the UK. It is the result of 3 years design and development by Naval Architects and constructed to the highest possible standards of safety and quality.

Design and construction has been approved and supervised to the highest safety and operational standards applied by the Maritime Coastguard Agency. The Seaprobe crew are highly trained and experienced individuals who carry out regular safety drills and annual exercises with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Please be assured that your safety is of paramount importance to us.

Ease of Access

We have tried to make Seaprobe Atlantis as accessible as possible, but there are limitations.
To access below deck and the underwater windows there are stairs.